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Voxxed Days CERN

Geneva, Switzerland

Voxxed Days is a series of tech events organised by local community groups and supported by the Voxxed team. Sharing the Devoxx philosophy that content comes first, these events see both internationally renowned and local speakers converge at a wide range of locations around the world.


Wuerzburg, Germany

MainXchange brings together the pioneers of digital innovation. Here experts meet for digital technology and creatives. This means that the developers of the intelligent software of tomorrow will meet their future users.

Pro Web

Nice, France

The International Conference on the Art, Science, and Engineering of Programming is a new conference focused on programming topics including the experience of programming.

Web à Québec

Quebec, Canada

Created by Quebec's digital community as much for the web enthusiasts as for those eager to learn, the Web Quebec is a human-centered event, emphasizing on the collaboration and the sharing of knowledge among the participants.

Voxxed Days Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia

The international conference for developers, Voxxed Days, is coming to Melbourne in 2018. As with Devoxx, a spirit of openness, community, killer content and low priced tickets underpin the Voxxed Days philosophy.


Munich, Germany

Django, Plone, Tornado, TurboGears, Pyramid and other web-related tools. Talks and workshops by core developers and experts. All in one conference.