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San Antonio, CA

Assert(js) Testing Conference is a one-day, single-track conference with a laser focus on testing forJavaScript developers - both UI and Node.js.

JSConf Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland

Connecting with people, hacking in the lounge, communal dining, partying and crawling the pubs together are all pieces that make up the essence of the JSConf experience.


Helsinki, Finland

Having Angular team members, Google Developer Experts and legendary international speakers onboard, ngVikings Conference guarantees an excellent program: fresh, technically deep and 100% useful.


Portland, OR

EMBERCONF is three days of trainings, sessions, activities and good times with the Ember Core Team and community members from around the world.

JSConf Australia

Melbourne, Australia

For the fourth time, we're assembling a group of international and local speakers to present in Melbourne on the topics of front-end development, design, JavaScript, industry culture, ethics, security, cryptography, and much more, bringing innovation to Australia.


New Orleans, NO

JazzCon.Tech will bring the energy and community spirit of our previous event back to New Orleans for three days of learning and networking.


Melbourne, Australia

A two-day conference for JavaScript enthusiasts, pushing technology beyond its boundaries. From the community, for the community. A part of global JSConf Family.

Render Conf

Oxford, UK

Render Conf is an exciting conference designed for front-end developers. Returning to Oxford as a one-day event, you can still expect the same high level of inspiring and practical talks in an inclusive environment


New Orleans, LA

Vue.js is an open-source JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. Vueconf.us is the first ever Vue.js conference in the United States and will be hosted by Evan You as well as other core committers to the project.


London, United Kingdom

This is a fantastic opportunity for those meetups that bring great speakers from London and the rest of UK and the world to come together to share their collective knowledge about modern JavaScript development

JS Fest

Kyiv, Ukraine

What is happening in JS world? What's new in the JavaScript world? Which trends in Front-end development have appeared recently? Which frameworks are getting more popular and which ones are dying? How to make the development process more efficient? JS Fest is a space where leading professionals in JS field will share their experience helping to find answers to these and many other questions.

JSConf Tahoe

Lake Tahoe, CA

We are TahoeJS. We value clean air and clean code, good beer and good developers, strong communities and strong technologies, We are the people of the outdoors who daily prove that you can have a healthy career and a healthy life. Its true what they say, you do get a better perspective from higher up.


Cluj Napoca, Romania

We believe that the community model is the best environment for learning, so part of our mission is to inspire and help other communities. We'll publish all data about this conference, in full transparency.


Hamburg, Germany

Our scholarship program is organized to make JSUnconf a better unconference. We want to make this community-focused event accessible to the wide range of people who are learning, work with, or are enthusiasts of Javascript.


Bern, Switzerland

Learn about the latest trends in frontend web technologies in an inspiring, open environment. Meet and connect with our speakers and other like-minded, passionate developers.

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