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Paris, France

The conference aims to give talks that inspire and explore new futuristic ideas dealing with all the techs we enjoy from the React ecosystem such as React.js, React Native, GraphQL, Relay, Universal apps, Webpack, inline CSS and more.


Salt Lake City, UT

The conference for UX and Product Managers. It's four days of learning and growth, providing answers to deep organizational questions and insights into how to validate and solve the right problems in the right way.


Hiroshima, Japan

RubyKaigi is the authoritative international conference on the Ruby programming language, attracting Ruby committers and Ruby programmers from around the world to Japan, the birthplace of Ruby.


Portland, OR

Join us to hear talks from leading open source developers, web operations experts, and associated thought leaders. Find out which tools and techniques are in use at some of the largest web architectures in the world.

Contao Konferenz

Berlin, Germany

The Contao Conference is the official conference on the open source CMS of the same name. What started in 2008 as a local user meeting has now become a major event for decision-makers from web & ad agencies, companies, and freelancers.

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